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  • Molly Schiff

Review: "Honey" - Maya Malkin

Maya Malkin seeks to write lyrics that are always very straightforward and come right from the heart. What you’re hearing is exactly what you get. In her new single “Honey,” she speaks on what she calls the calm before the storm in a relationship. Her album Congratulations, set to release in three weeks, tackles the themes and patterns of an abusive relationship, which she herself has come out the other side of. “Honey” is overall a lighthearted song in comparison to the rest of this album, alluding to the much darker aspects of her past relationship without fully getting into it. It is a preview for what is to come and an extremely well-written song at that.

The song opens with a soft beat, the closing of a door, and a man going “honey, I’m home.” His voice then fades out into the first verse which explains the complications of this relationship while still maintaining the upbeat, pop-music sounds in the background. This cascades into the chorus, which features lyrics that continue to outline the situation between Maya and this ex. The beat continues to build and becomes more energetic throughout the song. With the bridge, the listeners get further insight into the situation as Maya provides a combination of voice-layering, a vibey array of instruments, and her brutally honest take on her situation. It’s easy for the listener to follow along with the relationship explained in this song, and to enjoy themselves while doing it!

Based in Toronto, Maya Malkin started out by playing gigs with her band Motel Raphael. Originally, with this band, Maya played many shows ranging from opening for Teagan and Sara all the way to Parliament Hill for the official 150th birthday of Canada. With the onset of COVID in 2020, Maya decided to work on her first single and released the song “Hostage.” Her songs can be heard on CBC, Virgin Radio, KiSS, and many more. Maya has also taken up songwriting in the form of commercials and jingles, and you can hear her talent in Line of Best Fit, EarMilk, Clout, Canada's Walk of Fame, etc. We are excited to see where her budding career takes her!

Written By Molly Schiff



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