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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Hope on the Horizon" - Robbie Mautner

“Hope on the Horizon” is an uplifting ode that there is hope on the horizon, and if you’re lost and suffering, take the first steps and reach out for help. Mautner narrates the slippery slope of addiction and the harrowing journey of climbing out of it with real and relatable examples, assuring the audience that while it’s never going to be an easy process, it is possible. He is an example that it is possible.

Robbie Mautner writes his lyrics in a conversational-like tone, adopting the role of a mentor or older sibling that’s gently encouraging you to accept your own helplessness and seek help. The lonely guitar and minimalistic production aid Mautner in creating an atmosphere that also doubles as a safe space.

Robbie Mautner, a British singer, looks to combine honest storytelling with melodic pop music. He strives to detail his personal experiences through his songwriting, almost acting as a form of therapy for both himself and the listener. Spending the last three tumultuous years honing his craft and song, his upcoming project beckons to detail his journey and experiences of self-growth.

Written By Megan Cao



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