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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Hopeless Not Romantic" - Jess Hayward

The hopelessness of codependency is a significant pain. Investing so much time into a relationship just to discover it was all built on that need for each other is just as painful. When listening to Jess Hayward's track Hopeless Not Romantic those feelings are perfectly illustrated. What it truly feels like to feel trapped in a hopeless relationship. She describes wanting to leave the relationship so badly but the worry of how she will be perceived is eating away at her. Hopeless Not Romantic is a song about letting go. Attempting to let go of a relationship that just isn't healthy anymore.

Hopeless Not Romantic is at its core an alt-pop track. The moodiness of the track lends itself to the sounds of Olivia Rodrigo. Jess Hayward showcases raw emotion in a way that is rarely heard in modern music. The record has tinges of neo-soul embedded as well that add to the overall atmosphere. The subject matter of the track fits the instrumental perfectly. Its provocative soundscapes match the yearning effect the lyrics create. It all reinforced Jess's need to leave the relationship. The fact is no one is holding her back, she could easily end the relationship, but the effort it takes to make that leap is out of her reach and she’d rather pick fights than end the coupling herself. These feelings she presents are extremely relatable as everyone has felt this at a time before. It’s impactful and truly a hauntingly beautiful track.

Jess Hayward is a rather new musician that is already showcasing her massive talent. Hopeless Not Romantic is her sophomore track and could not be better. Her debut single Dear Diary was released last year and set the stage for what Jess’s sound would be. Her sound is complex, it uses aspects of neo soul, pop, and alternative to curate the perfect listening experience. she does an impeccable job at blending this complex mixture of genres with her sultry vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Jess Hayward is a star in the making and we are witnessing the beginning of her journey. Music is her passion and she is using it to make her dreams come true.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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