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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Hot and Clumsy" - Quiet Houses

A thrilling mix of butterflies and awkwardness can often characterize a new-found romance. Quiet Houses new single, “Hot and Clumsy” perfectly captures this feeling of fresh, exciting love. The song’s descriptive lyricism transports audiences to a party that seems to be pulled straight out of a coming-of-age film. With lines such as, “tryna find a room that’s empty” and “I can hear the smokers” the artists construct an all too relatable scene for listeners to imagine. These sweet details bring a strong sense of realism to the track. “Hot and Clumsy” tells a whimsical story of young love and desire, from nervousness to intimacy, it covers all the bases. This lovely tune’s upbeat instrumentation and ethereal vocals evoke feelings of freedom, excitement and nostalgia.

“Hot and Clumsy” is introduced with a fast-paced, energetic beat and soft vocals. The inclusion of synth beats, piano and guitar provides a wide range of instrumentation that helps create a fantastic and playful vibe. The single’s breathtaking chorus showcases the singer’s angelic voice with beautiful and feminine drawn-out high notes. The song’s haunting bridge provides a break from the otherwise energetic song. It is almost as if the singer and the audience are slowing down to assess whether this interaction could develop into real love or if it is simply a one-night romance. Before we can fully stop and think, we are thrown back into the magical, lively chorus. These genius storytelling tools distinguish this song as a unique and well-written reflection of a blooming relationship, with the realistic inclusion of both love and fear, two emotions that are ever present when choosing to trust a new person.

Based in Edinburgh, Quiet Houses is an indie dream-pop band whose discography and fan base has grown exponentially over the past two-three years. The duo has amassed over 58k monthly listeners on Spotify alone. Their 2021 hit single, “Cold Water Swimming” has garnered over one million streams. Quiet Houses released their first EP in 2021, titled “Big Town”. The band’s new track, “Hot and Clumsy” is already reaching mass audiences, being included on multiple of Spotify’s highly followed curated playlists such as, “New Music Friday” and “All New Indie”. Likewise, the coming-of-age bop was featured on BBC Radio Scotland. Fans can catch more of Quiet Houses' magical music as they embark on a UK tour with the Glasgow based band, Tide Lines this coming March.

Written By Julia Hooper



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