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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "Hotel in a Hurry" - Skylar Lee

‘Hotel in a Hurry’ by Skylar Lee is a song of regret. She tries to uncover what was left behind after running from a relationship; where she didn’t know what she had until it was too late. “Now I’m thinking I forgot something behind I can’t replace, and all that I can do is hope the feeling goes away.” It evokes that gut-wrenching sensation you get when reality starts to kick in. That struggle to accept what happened makes you wish you could change the past a million times over. You’ll no doubt feel empathetic towards Lee as she speaks on her distress.

A captivating piano melody creates an intimate setting for Lee to tell her story. “I wish I could take up all the space in my bag, so the memories didn’t fill up the emptiness; and here I am as I’m taking off from the past.” Lee’s wistful vocals are like echoes of the past, as if saying, “What could’ve been if I hadn’t left so soon?” Vocal harmonies and soft synths do an exceptional job of accentuating the mournful mood. Then, the bridge gets almost haunting as Lee gets to the heart of her struggle. In a way, she creates this safe space for you to process your own past alongside her. I got chills by the end of this! You’ll be just as amazed when you listen to the song yourself!

Based in Nashville, Skylar Lee is a pop icon in the making. Relying on instinct, she’s a powerful storyteller who pens soul-stirring lyrics with ease. Her vocals are first-rate too! Her musical abilities have received recognition from Nashville radio, as well as the ASCAP’s Writers Showcase. 'Hotel in a Hurry’ brings Lee up to five singles that have been released under her name. Her ballads are nothing short of inspiring. In fact, her previous single ‘Roman Holiday’ has been featured in the “Artist Interviews” section of our blog! Go check it out and follow her for more!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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