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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Hotel Room" - Sheer Haimov

Heartbreaks, emotions, and alcohol aren’t a good mix. But it seems to be a common method that people use in order to cope with the pain of letting go of someone they love. “Hotel Room” by Sheer Haimov depicts this event, setting the scene with a night out drinking at a bar as an attempt to escape the thoughts of her ex. But her efforts in trying to numb the pain with shots are unsuccessful. It leads to mixed emotions and regretful actions. We do see Sheer admitting to meeting someone new and trying to move on, but the feelings she has towards her ex don’t seem to be going anywhere. She still wants to reconcile with them, but do they want to reconcile with her?

The track opens up with Sheer expecting someone new she’s been seeing to show up to her hotel room. After a no-show, becoming frustrated and thus feeling like “a mess,” she decides to go down to the bar to cope with her emotions: “Won’t look behind. I’m three shots in, got me color blind. Mixing all my drinks like I mix my words. Now I know that it’s gonna hurt.” Seeing someone new while still missing and wanting her ex back is hurting her. She admits to lying to herself by using this new person as a way to convince herself that she has moved on from her ex: “I keep lying to myself. Seeing someone else.” Feeling confused and full of mixed emotions from both the alcohol and feelings of losing her ex, she continues to drink more. Now drunk, she decides to drunk dial her ex but they don’t pick up. She accepts that this is truly the end: “You’re gone. Damn, I got it wrong." She continues to dwell on her past relationship and the desire to have her ex back, but seeing that they’ve moved on from her by not answering her phone call, she seeks solace in more alcohol: “Pouring out my heart again. You pour another shot. I’m pouring out my heart again. You pour a second shot.” What I love about “Hotel Room” is how vulnerable and expressive Sheer is. She pours her heart out and gets extremely personal with her listeners about the heartbreak she’s experienced. Not everyone copes with things the same, and although using someone to forget about a past lover and using alcohol to cope with feelings isn’t a healthy mechanism, she still lets it all out with honesty.

Sheer Haimov is a 23 year-old pop singer and song-writer from Israel, but moved to the US in hopes of creating an entirely new sound. “Hotel Room” is her 10th song released so far. Her most popular track is “Rock Bottom,” which has surpassed 200,000 streams. Other popular tracks are “Loaded,” “Mascara Run,” and “High,” which have all surpassed 100,000 streams. She currently has over 10,000 monthly Spotify listeners. Keep up with Sheer’s future releases by clicking on her social media links below, and make sure to check out “Hotel Room” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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