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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "how does your girlfriend feel about it?" - Chloe Lilac

Chloe Lilac is done being lied to in her new song, ‘how does your girlfriend feel about it’. She thought she was getting close to someone, a potential relationship in her future. After spending all this time together, Lilac finds out there’s already a girlfriend, and that she’s ‘the other girl’. Frustration is left where romance once lived. Not only was this person lying to Lilac, but also their girlfriend, disregarding the emotions of either woman. No one likes to be made a fool, especially when it’s by someone you thought you could trust. With lyrics inspired by her real life, Lilac lets her emotions out in this fresh pop-rock anthem.

Some songs are meant to be sung; others are meant to be screamed at the top of your lungs. For any of us whose partners have lied about something massive, this song is one you’ll want to scream in the car, in the shower, and into your hairbrush that doubles as a microphone. Lilac’s lyrics hold a great deal of relatability. In one section she’s having a conversation with the person that tries to defend themselves, “Like that’s the old me, and you’re willing to change” When you find out you’ve been cheated on things go one of two ways. You either break up, or the other person vows to change, saying that they’ve grown from their bad decision. Either option is frustrating and offers itself to emotional turmoil. If you are ‘the other person’ another sea of emotions can hit you. Lilac expresses her shock and surprise through the chorus, “oh my god, all that I ask of you, how does you fucking girlfriend feel about it”. The way she presents the lyrics shows her range of emotion. When she exclaims ‘oh my god’ you can feel her emotional shock of finding out this information. Her voice is lighter and uncertain. By the time she’s asking about how the girlfriend feels about the situation, Lilac is angry, screaming her words. A heavy guitar break follows the ending of the chorus, adding to the anger of the lyrics. After the chorus and the guitar break, the following verses are quieter and express the conversations Lilac is having with the cheating person. She uses the verses to explore her own feelings before returning to the chorus, circling back to shock and anger. This song perfectly captures the confusion and emotion that one feels when finding out they’ve been lied to in the worst of ways.

Chloe Lilac is quickly making her mark on the music industry. She currently has over 30-million streams on Spotify between her EP, collaborations, and almost twenty singles. If you liked ‘how does your girlfriend feel about it’, check out her other song ‘DOUCHEBAG’. Want to see Lilac live? Well, you’re in luck! She has upcoming dates in April, May, and August. Check out Lilac’s Spotify to stream her music and find out more about her live shows!

Written By Maddy Mahady



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