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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "How High" - Natalie Clark

Natalie Clark reminds us the sky is the limit with her new single, "How High." This catchy new pop anthem leaves us with an optimistic outlook on life as she challenges listeners to chase and pursue their dreams. There's a world of possibilities before all of us and it is up to us to decide 'how high' we want to go. This single is perfect for anyone needing a bit of inspiration or a song to make them feel good. Focusing on the ups and downs in life and keeping a positive outlook no matter what, "How High" makes you feel like there's nothing in this world you can't accomplish.

"How High" begins with Natalie Clark's dreamy vocals, taking us on a journey of self-discovery. Clark combines her lush, airy vocals with upbeat indie pop sounds, creating a work of art worthy of playing on repeat. Showing off her impressive lyricism, "How High" features uplifting lyrics, encouraging listeners to go after their full potential and not let anything hold them back. Between the energetic music and the cheery lyrics, "How High" radiates happiness and good vibes, a song capable of brightening anyone's day.

Natalie Clark is a Scottish singer-songwriter and certainly someone to keep on your radar. She was selected as a Mercedes Benz KTLA "Artist To Watch" after moving to the U.S. and has been featured in the Mercedes Benz commercial campaign. This campaign also included her performing at the famous Roxy Theatre on Sunset and the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Clark was handpicked to open for the Indigo Girls on their tour and received critical acclaim from artists such as Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton when she appeared on The Voice. Since her move to the States, Clark has opened festivals, toured the country, and has recently made Music Connection Magazine's "Hot 100 Live Artists" list.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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