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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "how it started" - AIYANA

Have you ever found yourself reminiscing on an old love? “how it started” by AIYANA is one of those songs that is nostalgic about when you first meet a loved one. I can picture a montage of two lovebirds meeting for the first time and enjoying their time together before they ended their relationship. The song is bittersweet about missing a loved one but accepting the fact that the relationship is now over. The song and lyrics are relatable for people who have been through a similar situation. The melody has a good balance between it being gentle and upbeat. The ad libs were also a great touch to end the song.

AIYANA says she hasn’t had much luck with relationships but with the help of her friends, she was able to come up with the lyrics. The vocals are prominent and clear which creates an addicting sound. The lyrics have great imagery which makes the listener imaginative when listening. The beginning of the song started with AIYANA’s bright vocals with gentle piano until the twenty second mark where it starts to pick up. The second verse of the song talks about the reminiscent of the times they enjoyed which makes them sad. The title, “how it started” is used regularly in the song to remind how the relationship was when it was new, but without necessarily wanting that relationship back. AIYANA shows that it’s okay to think about how the relationship started and how good it was; the memories were a reflection of the past. Towards the end of the song, it starts to slow down with the gentle music from how it was in the beginning of the song.

AIYANA is an electronic-pop artist based in Sussex, UK. She describes her lyricism as honest and spent her early years in Southwest of France where she was surrounded by classical music throughout her home. Her debut single "all my friends" was released in 2022, and she has released three other singles since then, including "how it started." AIYANA also has an upcoming and anticipated EP titled "Friends Forever". Her aesthetic is unique, and she has eye catching visuals on her lyric videos of her singles. Her lyrics are meaningful, and she has a way with expressing herself through her music. She has a lot coming for 2023 that you definitely don't want to miss.

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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