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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "how many guys" - SLAJER

Admitting your love for someone is scary, especially when you’ve already built a strong friendship with them. They either feel the same way or they don’t. The latter is worse, as it has the potential to ruin the relationship altogether. Once the relationship has changed, it is hard to go back. You may remain friends, but it still hurts when you see them romantically involved with other people. You want to experience all that. If it ends badly, you know that you could treat them better if they just gave you a chance. SLAJER has experienced this sadness and writes about it in his emotional pop ballad, “how many guys.”

The lyrics of SLAJER’s song are very emotional and it has the instrumentation to match. The track starts out with angelic background vocals. This stylistic choice reminded me of Olivia Rodrigo’s song, “traitor.” This first verse of “how many guys” has very minimal music which really lets the emotion shine through. The lyrics tell us that SLAJER worked up the courage to admit his feelings and his friend didn’t feel the same way. We know this by the line “I promise that I'll be alright I probably just need more time.” The music keeps on getting more emotional as he watches the one he loves go through bad relationship after bad relationship. The sadness and anger builds and builds until it comes to a head. This is demonstrated by the electric guitar on the last two choruses. This was a sad time in SLAJER’s life and he is brave for sharing it. After all, music really is one of the best forms of medicine.

Jon Slajer (AKA SLAJER) is a singer/songwriter based in the United States. Born and raised in Utah, he got his start in entertainment as a dancer. He has appeared in numerous short films and as a background dancer for BTS at the Los Angeles show of their “Permission to Dance” tour. He now wants to expand his craft by going into music. It’s hard to believe that “how many guys” is his first release of 2023 and debut single. He has been working hard this year, for he is doing as many live shows as he can. He definitely hit the ground running with this song and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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