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  • Maddy Mahady

Review: "How To Be Happy" - RUNN

Everyone has been in a position where they wished life had a manual. A step-by-step instruction to figuring out life’s complex hurdles would be great. In her new song, ‘How To Be Happy’, RUNN longs for some type of instruction. She’s emotionally lost, not sure why she can’t find happiness anymore. She tries again and again, searching for something, anything, to help her feel. As the last notes ring out, RUNN is left with her questions, still on the search for a way to be happy once again.

RUNN layers emotionally driven lyrics over an infectious pop beat in ‘How To Be Happy’, Listeners are immediately captivated by her honest and vulnerable tone. She’s baring her intimate emotions to the audience, expressing the uncertainty she feels with life. With such heavy emotion written into the lyrics, this song could be a story of hopelessness. Instead, an easy-going pop beat helps create a feeling of hope and builds movement into the song. During the verses the beat is calm. It’s as though RUNN is walking, searching for a way to find happiness. Then at the chorus, the beat intensifies, creating the image of RUNN running to find answers. This movement reflects RUNN’s frustration and exhaustion with trying to find her happiness. The search is hard, but she continues to persevere. By the end of the song, RUNN hasn’t found her answers. Her last lyric, ‘Can somebody help me’, gives the listener hope that even after the song concludes, RUNN is not going to stop her search.

Coming from the world of EDM, RUNN is creating her own voice as a solo artist. RUNN has established herself in the electronic music scene, working with influential artists such as Seven Lions. Now, as a singer-songwriter, RUNN is bringing a new sense of intimacy to her work. Her music feels personal, almost like she’s giving you a glimpse into her mind. RUNN’s previous works, along with ‘How To Be Happy’, are available to stream now on Spotify.

Written By Maddy Mahady



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