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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “how to change a tire” - Zach Hood

As a parent, you neve want to be your child’s first source of heartbreak. Yet, there are still millions of children around the world who will grow up without one of their parents. And that could lead to a lack of knowledge in some essential life necessities, like changing a car tire. In “how to change a tire,” singer and songwriter Zach Hood sings about his lack of a father figure in life. Hood states that the inspiration for this song came when his father randomly showed up when his brother needed help changing a tire, and he realized he was never taught how to do it. I think this song’s lyrics were written exceptionally well, and you can truly envision the pain that Hood must have felt his whole life. I especially loved the chorus, “But I'm on the side of the road and I'm all alone / With this flat ripped up reminder / That you left and let us down / And you never showed me how to change a tire.”

Genuinely, I am so obsessed with Hood’s voice. It’s soft, yet powerful, and made understanding and interpreting his emotions a breeze. I also want to give a shout out to the music video, which was so simple, yet so impactful. In the video, you see Hood walking down the street as he sings. But in the back, you catch a glimpse of a car on the side of the road, Hood not knowing how to change the damaged tire. I think Hood has a gift for writing songs that fill us with emotion and longing. “how to change a tire” is no exception, I loved this song so much.

I’m not sure how I’ve never stumbled across Zach Hood’s music until now, but I’m glad that I can now confidently call myself a fan! Hood is a 22-year-old musician from Los Angeles who has been releasing his own music since 2021. His debut single, “Flashbacks,” is only one of his many songs to get millions of streams. Others include songs like “Isabelle” and “never knew a heart could break itself.” Currently, Hood gets around 2 million monthly streams on Spotify, and has amassed a large and dedicated fan base online. I think Hood’s sad and emotional songs can connect well with his millions of fans, and so I can’t wait to hear what he releases next. Go stream “how to change a tire” now!

Written By Isabel Mays



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