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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Humans" feat. Tara Louise - Bildjan

Sometimes I feel like I’m blindly stumbling through life. I don’t foster as many friendships as I’d like. And the connections I nurture, I manage to smother them with tidal waves of love. My bank account is in the triple digits. Meanwhile, my student loan debt looks like a down payment on a house. But somehow, in the face of all of these errors and ill fated decisions, I remain in good spirits because of singles like Bildjan’s “Humans” that remind me that I’m simply human; I’m privy to mistakes.

"Humans" is an electro-pop dance single that lends a voice to the sentiment that humans are prone to error through the vocal expressions of singer Tara Louise. The song opens with a soft guitar melody alongside Louise's dreamy vocals before enveloping the listener in gorgeous recurring synths and hooks. For a moment, I'd like to dissect the chorus. The chorus is: "We're only human / Learning to breathe for the first time / We're only human / It might be years before we learn to fly" and it builds in anticipation of Bildjan's production flare the listener is introduced to shortly afterwards. These lyrics express the notion that we sometimes get so caught up in capturing perfection that we do not allow ourselves the room to fail or to grow from the experience. And humanity, or having humanity, is more than just realizing we are prone to mistakes; it is also acknowledging we have the opportunity to reflect and advance beyond these mistakes in the future.

Bildjan is an electronica dance-pop producer and songwriter based in New York. His unique, modern sound takes inspiration from 80s and 90s dance-pop anthems. Bildjan’s creations are featured in various advertisements and film genres. Some of Bildjan’s earlier singles include; "Midnight", "Time to Find Someone", and "Legends Come to Life", amongst many others. Then the vocalist for this single, Tara Louise, is a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Louise is from a musically inclined family and honed her talent well before she began lending her voice to different EDM tracks. The singer has highlighted her prowess through numerous EDM collaborations. Now do yourself a favor and show both artists some virtual love in the form of streams.

Written By Giavanna Gradaille




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