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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Hurts Like Hell" - Aimée

Photo credit: Ryan Douglas

Nobody said breakups were easy or painless. But sometimes, as the title suggests on the excellent single from Aimée, it's better off to "Hurt Like Hell." The latest offering from the Irish pop singer/songwriter is an eruption of anthemic dance-pop. Ascending synth arpeggios bubble beneath the surface of soft, double-tracked guitar, giving the song's front half a gentler quality. The beat starts picking up, bringing weightier bass noise to the forefront, before "Hurt Like Hell" bursts open in the dance-pop chorus. Aimée's fantastic vocal performance and mixing take full control of the song's trajectory. It's the nuances of her vocal melodies that give the song an especially dynamic quality. As the song progresses, the production develops in subtly powerful ways—providing an especially rewarding experience with headphones. It's these precise shifts and transformation that allow the song's enormous range to feel seamless. The leap from explosive chorus to piano-driven bridge feels natural, yet retains its surprise and thrill.

"Hurt Like Hell" begins in the conclusion of a bad relationship. "Really thought you were the one / That was my first mistake," Aimée winces. But she knows better than to ever turn back. "You know I'm already gone, so don't go there." The integral drama of the song is not her own emotions over the breakup, however. Instead, the ex to whom "Hurt Like Hell" is addressed can't seem to get the hint. "I'm sure you'll tell all your friends / that we're on a break," she sings with an eye roll, before shrugging, "til they never see me." Even a late night call claiming to understand where they went wrong won't fix things. Splitting up can sting, but staying together with someone that doesn't know your worth is worse.

Aimée is an Irish singer/songwriter and pop star. She's worked to cultivate her sound and style after the pop divas of the nineties. Aimée officially debuted in 2018, quickly garnering tremendous support and recognition on the Irish charts. In 2020, she released her debut EP "Confessions," featuring bold vocal and stylistic range. The journey since has been momentous, seeing Aimée make her name as a global artist on the rise. "Hurt Like Hell," along with several other released singles by Aimée, has released alongside a spectacularly shot and extravagant music video. As her first single of 2023, "Hurt Like Hell" proves that Aimée is an ever-evolving pop force.

Written By Andy Mockbee



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