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  • Kasey D.

Review: "I ain't rich, girl" - Zach Hood

Love is oftentimes defined by what you can provide for your partner physically. Expensive dinner dates, large bouquets of flowers, and first class trips to fine, foregin countries are all extravagant ways to express your love towards your romantic partner. In Zach Hood’s latest single, “I ain’t rich, girl”, the singer expresses his inability to provide his lover with the finer things they may hope for; but promises that his love for them is enough to get by. Zach Hood’s “I ain’t rich, girl” establishes that genuine love, respect, and security are key in any true, flourishing relationship.

This upbeat pop song tied with Hood’s strong, distinctive vocals, takes a liking to classic pop-rock tracks of the 2000’s with an unique twist. In the line: “We can survive on this ole’ sweet loving”, Zach Hood kicks the idealism found in love songs to the curb and introduces an honest viewpoint that only adds onto his lyricism and personal storytelling. This choice in songwriting and expression pertains to many listeners alike in different ways. For example, it relates to those also unable to fulfill the “fairytale” love story, whilst being a reminder that relationships cannot thrive solely on material. These two perspectives (along with a sweet melody) secures the overall message of the song. That being loved openly and clearly builds the most uniquely beautiful connections.

Zach Hood is a singer from Alabama who currently resides in LA. With well over 100m streams on Spotify and 2m+ monthly listeners, Zach Hood has been on a roll ever since signing to Arista Records in 2021. Since then, he has performed at countless festivals, venues, and was even featured on Spotify’s “Pop Rising” and "Radar US". Please check out Zach Hood by clicking on the links below!

Written By: Kasey D,



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