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  • Stephanie Berning

Review: “I Always Knew” - Girl In The Garden

"I Always Knew" is the first song on Girl In The Garden's EP titled "Time Will Tell". Her sound is similar to artists such as BENEE and Alessia Cara. The track is short and powerful. The overall tone of the song is somber and reflective. In the lyrics, the vocalist looks back on a toxic relationship. The singer reveals how she lost a part of herself while in a relationship but is now finding closure. Ultimately, this song is a healing self-loving anthem.

This single does not follow the traditional structure that most pop songs follow. The track is short and doesn't have a consistent chorus, however, this emphasizes the meaning of each line, especially the final two lines where she repeats the lyrics "It's like I always knew". In the second half of the song, the piano instrumental is joined by strings that complement the smooth vocals and make it a highlight of the track. Overall, "I Always Knew" is a heartwrenching single that listeners will resonate with.

Girl In The Garden is an Idaho native named Kate Plaisted. This singer started to gain traction after being a stand out on NBC's reality singing competition shows "American Idol" and "The Voice". Currently, Plaisted is studying at the University of Miami so that she can further pursue her music career. In February 2018, the musician released her debut album titled, "Polaroid". After a two-year hiatus, the artist released her first single named "Getting Over You" in May 2020.

Written By Stephanie Berning



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