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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "I Am Me" - WRTR

Hearing stories about people becoming a version of themselves that they never thought they could be is truly touching. There’s a new spark in their eyes, a brighter smile and deeper sense of self-love. WRTR’s song, “I Am Me,” captures this journey of self-realization. It reflects on the singer's transformation from a child with dreams of becoming a person he once thought was unattainable, to becoming exactly that as an adult today. Looking back, he sees a young boyhis younger selfwho was once lost and confused, struggling for something more. But with time and resilience, he transformed into the person he always envisioned. When he looks into the mirror now, he sees his reflection. He sees himself full of pride and happiness, knowing that he's finally become the person he once desired to be. This song is a reminder that growth and self-discovery will always lead to peace and fulfillment.

I love how WRTR constantly expresses how much happier he is now that he’s found himself. He begins by seeing his past-self crying, upset that he didn’t think he could get to where he wanted to be. After overcoming the sadness, reminding himself that this feeling won’t last forever and then finding himself again, he eventually blossomed into the person he initially thought he couldn’t be. He feels the little boy that was once sad and crying, now smiling: “I look deep into the mirror and I see that sad boy smiling. No, no, I see him smiling. I’m no longer crying out. I’m who I thought I couldn’t be.” This feels like a relief to WRTR. A breath of fresh air. A weight lifted off of his shoulders. It feels like this is who he was supposed to be all along. This version of himself was always in him. He just had to find it and he's so grateful that he did: “I let the sadness wash away. Oh boy, now I’m happy. Oh boy, now I’m me. Oh boy, now I breathe.” Other than following the artists’ road to self-discovery and happiness, I also loved how this song makes me feel as if I’m in the 80’s at a rollerskating rink, with neon lights flashing, and fun vibrant energy in the air. It’s so catchy and infectious with an upbeat rhythm. It also has nostalgic vibes to it. In fact, I could definitely see this song playing in an episode of Stranger Things because it perfectly captures the aesthetic of the show.

WRTR is an electronic-pop singer-songwriter and producer from Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland. He gets inspiration for his music making process from 80’s music and combines it with today’s sounds and stories, which I can definitely hear in “I Am Me.” In fact, his debut EP, “Mirage,” includes 4 songs that are all inspired by the 80’s. He’s been writing songs for years, and the themes of his songs typically revolve around expressing feelings in their deepest truth. After diving into producing music back in 2020, he's now working with other producers and artists. “I Am Me” released back in 2022 and charted on the iTunes Music and Pop Charts that year. Currently, this track has over 36,000 streams on Spotify. Keep up with WRTR by clicking on his social media links below, and check out “I Am Me”!

Written By Sneet Efrem



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