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  • Megan Cao

Review: "I Concede to Worrying" - Camens

“I Concede to Worrying” is an upbeat pop-rock song, suggesting that people concede to worrying and start living their lives. Though the band states that they’ve never been a political band nor a politically-aligned songwriter, this track touches upon politically charged subjects - specifically how this system we’ve allowed to seep and fester is affecting the people that we know and love.

From the first hit of the drums, the track sets the atmosphere. Though there is a bit of melancholy in the lyrics and voice, the track is still relatively upbeat, setting a sense of urgency to sit down, let go, and concede to worrying. Everyone seems to live in perpetual worrying over the bills, working full-time for a salary that barely covers the bills, let alone enough for someone to thrive. There’s no time for people to grow, relax, or invest in themselves or their families, leading to people losing out on the best years of their lives to these struggles.

Camens is a band from Stoke-On-Trent, England. From sneaking into festivals and performing pop-up gigs wherever they could, Camens have now re-emerged with a style of razor-sharp idiosyncratic indie and massive promise. Supporting artists like The Futureheads, The Feeling, King No One, and many many more, Camens’ songs have been awarded record of the week by their local BBC Introducing presenter on more than one occasion. As the year draws to a close, Camens gears up for a new release as they’ve begun to sprinkle gumdrops of songs for their fans to get excited about.

Written By Megan Cao



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