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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "I Cried All Night" - Faye Jule

Articulating the intensity of missing someone is a challenge many artists have tasked themselves with. There must be some way to authentically express such a universal experience to an audience, right? Alternative-dreampop group, Faye Jule, make a convincing case for stripping away the excess and striking directly at the raw emotion. Primarily supported by somber piano, "I Cried All Night" sees Faye Jule reminiscing on a relationship in disrepair as evocative instrumentation surfaces to convey what words cannot. Sometimes there's no metaphor effective enough to communicate your feelings. On their latest single, Faye Jule understand this well, instead finding catharsis in blunt honesty.

The most thrilling aspect of this track is the inclusion of unique and well-mixed instrumentation. The first verse begins with singer Chris Bates setting the scene over strictly piano, but the arrangement starts to open up with a melancholy accordion as London Lawhon exposes her coping habits. The song's highlight comes two minutes in, as the gorgeous bowing of an Erhu swoons alongside Chris Bates as he delivers the song's most substantive confession. "Up all night thinking of what I could do to make you stay." Perhaps the most prominent source of his pain is, in fact, himself.

Faye Jule is an international collective of four members: Singers Chris Bates, Lawhon London, songwriter Stefan Landauer, and producer Kara Greskovic. The group presents an alternative dreampop style featuring kaleidoscopic textures. "I Cried All Night is the group's first single of 2022, demonstrating the potency of their collaboration through emotional, pop balladry.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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