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  • Emma Kimberli

Review: "I don't trust U" - Rian Cult

My first thought while listening to "I Don't Trust U" by Rian Cult was that it reminded of the famous artist Blackbear. This song tells a relatable story that I'm sure almost every listener can bring back to their own lives. You don't trust someone with your feelings, and you are making them known. They treat your heart with no regard for your well-being, yet you still let them snatch it up in the first place. You know, maybe you are partially to blame for giving in to their games, but you just want your heart back in one piece.

With k-pop influences, this track will give you a pep in your step. Rian Cult's higher register is easy on the ears, and his tone is clear and listenable. The production on this track needs to be addressed; it's sleek and very well done, and it is most definitely my favorite part of this song. The lyricism is simple and witty, making this song easy to listen to and perfect to add to almost any of your playlists.

Rian Cult is a Los Angeles-based pop artist from Romania. Rian is not new to the industry, having released his first single on Spotify in 2018. He has an impressive 9,000 monthly listeners, with his most streamed track, "Sundays In New York", having amassed 1,200,000 streams. He posts his music on TikTok along with relatable comedy, having reached nearly 200k followers and four million likes on his TikTok account. His brand new EP, "Songs I Wrote In The Loft", is set to release in January 2023!

Written By Emma Kimberli



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