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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "I Drop Everything" - Cupid Girl

Photo Credits: Frederike Wetzels

It’s hard to be in a relationship where you don’t feel respected as a human being, yet you can’t stop yourself from going back because you just feel so addicted to this situation. It’s hard to stop yourself from going back, no matter how much you want to. Cupid Girl’s latest song, “I Drop Everything” is an indie pop track that articulates the difficulties of being in a toxic relationship that you keep going back to. The song serves as a comfort to those in similar situations, providing them with an outside look into how problematic these relationships are. Cupid Girl does this by putting the story into the sound of a fun and upbeat track. “I Drop Everything” is definitely a single you don’t want to miss out on and should be the latest addition to your collection.

The song begins slow and steady, allowing for more of a focus on the vocal performance. Cupid Girl’s singing has an atmospheric feel that really allows for the song to feel full and cosmic. One line from the first verse that really stands out is “Am I an object just for fun?” This line truly expresses how dehumanizing these relationships can be, and how that loss of identity is often the price to be paid in order to stay with this person you can’t keep away from. Sonically, the chorus doesn’t steer away too much from the verse which makes the transition nicer. From the verse to the chorus, we do see multiple elements that are slowly added into the song, and this creates a smooth buildup. During the chorus, the line “I drop everything to come over” is repeated over and over and this paints the image of the speaker of the song continuing the pattern of going back to this person that keeps doing them harm. It shows the addictive nature of this relationship that almost mimics substance abuse. The second verse changes from the original, as it includes vocal layering that really uplifts the song to a new level. It allows Cupid Girl’s vocals to feel much more ethereal. The bridge is much quieter, and this contrasts the absolute explosion of sound that is the final chorus of the song. It leaves you feeling much more alive and brings listeners to their feet. Overall, the performance that is “I Drop Everything” will leave you struck and stunned at the talent that is Cupid Girl.

Cupid Girl is a true burst of talent, whose style creates an interesting combo of both old-school and new-school indie pop sounds. Her songs carry an energy that is reminiscent of summertime, and she knows just how to paint any scene she wants. Throughout all of her songs, her unique voice stands out as powerful enough to carry any message she chooses. Although all her songs are unique from each other, Cupid Girl’s aesthetic is cohesive enough to still shine through each track. Cupid Girl is expected to release more music in the near future as she is currently building up to releasing an EP in May. Cupid Girl is definitely an artist to keep looking out for as she creates a new and unique name in the indie pop sphere.

Written By Chantal Charles


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