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  • Lauren Nolan

Review: "I Fall In Love Too Many Times" - ARO

One of art's most remarkable aspects is depicting diverse experiences. Singer-songwriter ARO aims to create music that authentically illustrates her experience with ADHD and mental health. Their newest single, "I Fall In Love Too Many Times," is yet another example of this. "I Fall In Love Too Many Times" is a low-key pop ballad about struggling with hyper-fixations and the burnout that comes after. In an interview with the website "Clout," ARO explains that the title comes from how "I fall in love too many times with too many versions of myself that I could become." This concept is an immensely relatable topic for neurodiverse audiences. As someone with ADHD, I have countless examples of becoming excessively into something, only to fizzle out eventually. "I Fall In Love Too Many Times" is a track that connects deeply for the listeners who can relate.

ARO is an honest songwriter. Their willingness to be forthcoming and depict the challenges of mental health that many shy away from is commendable. Details like "half-finished projects" and "I fall in love too many times with versions of myself redefined / By all the things I could pour myself into" are illustrative and open. The cycle of becoming obsessed with something and making it part of a version of oneself only to forget or quit it is ubiquitous yet often disregarded. This genuineness makes the song significant. "I Fall In Love Too Many Times" is an important track, bringing awareness to shared experiences in a way that makes people feel less alone. Even those who may not specifically connect with the lyrics about hyper-fixations can click with lines like "A world too small / trying to have it all without a single sense." These relatable sentiments and experiences are what make ARO as an artist special.

ARO is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter who makes music focusing on topics like mental health and neurodivergence. Inspired by artists like Halsey, ARO makes alternative and dark electric pop. Her first single, "Let Me Go," also from this year, is a dynamic and honest ballad about knowing you are not the right person for someone, no matter how much they want you. It currently amassed over 11,500 streams on Spotify, and ARO has over 2500 listeners. She strives to create honest work. These two singles are leading up to her upcoming EP Messy, named after how the record will explore their flaws and 'messy' tendencies. Even before their debut is out, ARO is already planning for her second EP, which is to connect with Messy, as a confident response about owning up and loving who she is. Listen to "I Fall In Love Too Many Times" and "Let Me Go" on all major streaming platforms, and look out for ARO's new releases.

Written By Lauren Nolan



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