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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review: "I Hate My Roommate" - Yoyo Nagase

Yoyo Nagase has struck us with his super catchy new single “I Hate my Roommate”. At first this song seems like it might really be hating on his roommate but if you keep listing there is more to it than that. Yoyo wrote this song to look at things from a new perspective. He wanted to see if he could write something about hating his roommate even though he does really enjoy being around him. He writes from the heart sharing real and exaggerated experiences with his fans. In “I Hate my Roommate” Yoyo Nagase keeps us on the edge by providing examples of how his roommate is just too perfect. While this upbeat song allows for us to think about how lucky he is to have a good roommate but also, within his lyrics some can relate, having roommates and constantly comparing ourselves to them.

This song has a great upbeat spunk. It starts out with a mellow pop beat and begins to build on itself throughout the song. Yoyo keeps engaged with this catchy and fun melody. As we begin to reach the end of the song we hear a more mellow side of his voice, which creates great contrast within the song. Allowing for us to recenter ourselves within his voice. Yoyo is able to pull us back into the beat. The song ends abruptly, but makes you want to hit the rewind button and listen again and again! This song makes you want to dance along with each line, you will find yourself snapping along by the end of this captivating song!

Yoyo Nagase is a talented singer and songwriter who was born and raised in Seattle. Yoyo has learned a lot from music and really works towards creating an authentic sound. He writes about things that matter most to him, allowing his inspirations to shine though in his music. His newest single “I Hate My Roommate” is only one of his incredible tracks out now. Yoyo promotes real feelings and good vibes in his music and we can’t wait to see everything else Yoyo will bring to the table in the upcoming months. Definitely make sure to follow him below and stay up to date with all things Yoyo Nagase!

Written By Cate Schnoebelen


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