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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "I Have To Make This Call" - POLYDRIVE

On their latest single, "Have to Make This Call," POLYDRIVE show the versatility and potential for the bedroom pop genre. Each moment is a new attraction showcasing their mastery over unique and complimentary sounds. From the dreamy, synth-based opening to the lofi, drum break backdropping the biting guitars at the two-minute mark—there's a precise movement to the song. The lush highs and sparse lows give "Have to Make This Call" its dynamism. The ever-shifting production matches perfectly with the complex mixture of emotions at the song's core.

Lyrically, "Have to Make This Call" is more conflicted than the assurance of the title suggests. "I've settled in but I still don't feel at home," they admit. Much of the song lingers in this liminality between wanting to commit oneself completely to a relationship and fearing the isolation from life before it. "I'm with you 'til the end" suggests a devotion to weather the storms. But mixed in with these moments of commitment are the awareness that it's futile. "Just promise me you'll call," ends the song with the most hopeful resolve. POLYDRIVE perfectly capture the internal conflict of a relationship on life support; both parties know its over, but the love that fueled it is still very real and alive.

POLYDRIVE is the bedroom-pop project of brothers Cole and Cam Tessier. Born in Boston, the duo now resides in Tulsa. On top of their own work, they have mixed and mastering for other small bands. They began releasing singles under the POLYDRIVE name in 2020. "Have To Make This Call" is the second single they've released this year. Currently, they are released completely independently from a label.

Written By Andy Mockbee



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