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  • Keiunna Thompson

Review: "I Hope It Kills You" - Laila

Laila gives us this sweet angelic face as the cover art, but it's for a song with the sour title of "I Hope It Kills You”. She's got us intrigued and we’re anxious to hear what she has to say and why she would have that sentiment towards someone. As the opening line of the song literally begins with “God damn”, one can imagine that the treachery that is to be discussed has to be of epic proportions. In a description for the song, Laila disclosed "I Hope It Kills You: your lover leaves you for your best friend. Ouch. You take the high road but still pray that karma does her work. Play this while you cry on the kitchen floor." So, there it is. The bombshell. The gut-wrenching inspiration behind this somber song. Our narrator has just suffered one of the most painful circumstances known to man, being betrayed by your best friend and lover in one fell swoop.  

“And I hope it kills you.” Of course, Laila doesn’t mean in the literal sense but in their souls. She hopes that it eats away at them, every single day. That they don’t see a moment of peace in their union, that karma does its work, as mentioned earlier. “As you both look back, do you laugh as you watch me bleed?” In this instance, the listener doesn’t really know who to hate more – a friend of the highest regard or your significant other who you thought had all this love and respect for you. It’s the stickiest of situations to lose two people so close to you at the same time and for the same reason and to think of how they’re just happy together with no remorse for what they’ve done. “I got what was left of you, while you took the best of me.” Ah, a relationship where one person gives more than the other and, seemingly, feels more deeply towards the other. That dynamic typically doesn’t end up working out, as the other grows tired of pulling most if not all the weight in the relationship. Laila sings of how the relationship was already troubled, but that loves makes you do crazy things sometimes. You’re blinded by the intense feelings towards that person, or rather the version of them you’ve crafted in your head from the crumbs they’ve supplied you with during your “love”. The lyrics and the pain in Laila’s voice tugs at your heartstrings while the piano seems to nail it all in, intensifying the effects of this tear-inducing song. Laila has crafted a beautiful song and perfected the art of invoking emotions.  

Laila, whose full name is Laila Kharouba, hails from Ottawa, Ontario and is an actress, singer, and songwriter. She currently has 451 followers on Facebook, 2,811 followers on Instagram, has over 2,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, is closing in on 6,000 followers on Tik Tok, and has 569 subscribers on YouTube. Having been featured on CTV’s “Your Morning” and Spotify’s “New Music Friday”, Laila is making a splash in the entertainment industry and making sure that everyone knows her name. Her sound is a great blend of beautiful instruments that don’t overpower her voice, which is a wise move as she has a tremendously beautiful tone and grace about her voice. Her vocals are sure to move you in any of her songs that you choose to listen to, whether that be a ballad or a more upbeat offering. I’m certain that Laila has the brightest of futures ahead of her and I look forward to hearing more music from her. If you feel the same, give her a follow on all of her socials below! And, even better, catch her live playing Breaking Sound at Rivoli in Toronto on April 17th!!

Written By Keiunna Thompson



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