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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "I Like Girls" - Laila

Just in time for pride month Laila drops an endearing track that celebrates love and accepting yourself. I Like Girls is a track that every queer girl can appreciate this pride month. This record is smooth and easy to listen to. Calling on bubblegum pop with its shimmering instrumentals and sprinkles of country. I Like Girls is a pride anthem that opens the door for queer representation from the female perspective. Discovering who you are later in life is never a bad thing and can lead to new adventures. The innocence of a crush is wrapped up in a tale of self-expression and identity.

After being asked on a date by a superstar, Leila was sent on a journey of self-discovery. She began questioning her sexuality and ultimately discovered she likes girls. This track was the product of her journey. The record shows off the sweetness of Laila's vocals as well as the immaculate production quality of Jon Pike and Brandon Pero. The record is an earworm for sure. With its infectious chorus, you can't help but sing and bop along after just one listen. We're treated to lively pop country-influenced instrumentals that match perfectly with the playful lyrics that seem to help with the bounciness of the track. I Like Girls is a playful and easy record with all the makings to be a summertime pride anthem.

Laila is a Canadian singer/songwriter and actress. She began her musical journey with the pop Duo Your Paris. The duo was featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist and CTV’s Your Morning. Her music since going solo has always been authentically hers. With undeniable vulnerability and irresistible sweetness, her sound is unmatched. She has been compared to icons such as Carly Rae Jepsen with her glittery pop anthems. Laila is in a league all her own on the nose lyricism and bubble gum soundscape she is on the verge of becoming a massive star.

Written By Kaiana Lee


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