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  • Kaitlyn Nicole

Review: "I Live After I Died" - Sofia Dragt

One constant in everyone's life is that at some point we all must sit down and self reflect. Self reflect on the choices we've made that have affected us and the people around us. It's hard for anyone to do but Sofia Dragt makes it look easy. In her song, I Live After I Died, Sofia digs deep within herself to create a somber song where she reflects on her personal journey. As such, she takes a soft and airy intimate approach the song that allows listeners to feel connected to her song, her journey and to themselves. You get to take a peek into Sofia’s world through her lyrics that detail her personal self reflections and developments as she grew older.

Sofia, being a clearly talented pianist, used the classic Schimmel piano to fill the space between the lyrics of this song by creative repetitive melody that underlined her soft vocals throughout the entire song. This, along with the forlorn melody created a calming, reflective atmosphere that is only enhanced by a cello and a violin that swells beneath. The three beat melody also allows Sofia’s vocals to shine through and for there to be a perfect balance 

Sofia Dragt is a Netherlands-based artist who has consistently released music since 2013. She creates music as an artist and as a composer for documentaries and short-films. Along with her singles she has previously released she has also composed music for a Dutch nature documentary series 'WAD' (about the islands of The Netherlands) by Ruben Smit, that aired on Dutch national television in May of 2020. Ruben smut and Sofia also had the opportunity to work together for another documentary called 'De Schatkamer van de Veluwe'. Sofia doesn’t seem to be slowing down and I look forward to seeing what creative direction she goes with in her future projects.

Written By Lauren Lumsden


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