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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "I'll Be Gone" - Milena Galasso

Though there exists an endless list of pains suffered through an unstable relationship, the feeling of being taken for granted burns deep once you realize you deserve better. In her latest single "I'll Be Gone", Milena Galasso details the one-sided nature of an unfair relationship. While she uses heartfelt metaphors to describe her agony, the overarching theme of the song marks a stride of independence once she claims she's had enough.

In classic singer-songwriter style, the song opens with a simple guitar complimenting vocals from Milena. As the single progresses, the production and range of her voice become much more delightfully complex. The emotion felt in the lyrics is clearly visible through the increase of passion in her vocals, bittersweetly accompanied by the instrumentals. "I'll Be Gone" ends with repeated lyrics of closure harmoniously followed by various vocal runs.

Milena Galasso brings a fresh, timeless energy to the highly sought-after pop-music scene. The London-based singer-songwriter found her passion for music through self-expression during childhood. Upon finding solace in her musical talent, she attended BIMM London where she earned her master's in Popular Music Practice. She began to release singles just this year but has multiple collaborations in the works that will be available to stream soon.

Written By Zewdi Cass



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