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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "(I'm) Better Now" - Sianon

“(I’m) Better Now” is an empowering hit single that is meant to be for after you’ve moved on from someone in your past. Sianon says that she wrote this song to help her through a break up. This tune is meant to make listeners think back on their relationships and then realize how far they’ve come since heartbreak. So often, after a breakup we feel lost– we don’t know how to be ourselves anymore. “Better Now” perfectly encapsulates the feelings of finally moving on and rediscovering who you are. It’s a song about new beginnings and working on yourself. Doing the things that you want to do for you until you realize that you’ve grown so much the hurt of a relationship is gone. It’s a great reminder that sometimes, you can be better off on your own just doing you.

The overall vibe of “(I’m) Better Now” is very chill. Combining synths and drum set with a moderate tempo, the tune just has a very relaxed kind of air to it. It’s not a song you want to be blaring through speakers but rather one you want to listen to with earbuds to get the full chill effect of the message and song. I think the fact that it has more of a repetitive melodic bass line makes this song so carefree. It’s almost as if the beats and instrumentation reflect the message that is trying to have that same carefree energy. Almost as is to say “hey, look at me, I’m better without you and I don’t care about it anymore, I’ve moved on.” I think the smooth vocals and music definitely have a way of reflecting this.

Sianon (pronounced Shannon), is widely versed in the world of music having taught herself to play both piano and guitar at age 13. She says she is a strong advocate of great pop music having grown up listening to Avril Lavigne and Westlife. Sianon began writing her own songs and performing in public at open-mic nights in Dudley. From there, while in university, she continued to gain a reputation and following as a live performer. In 2019 she began her pop music career, drawing inspiration from artists like those that she grew up with as well as other artists like Taylor Swift. Her music style is built from a combination of pop artists, which makes her have a unique and recognizable sound. Go check out Sianon’s latest album, “Now That It’s Over”, where “(I’m) Better Now” is featured!

Written By Emily Hancock



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