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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "I'm Okay" - Mathilda Bohman

Pop newcomer Mathilda Bohman just released her newest track, "I'm Okay" on April 3, 2024. The sorrowful tune depicts reeling from heartbreak and piecing yourself back together again. Bohman reminisces on moments with a person, thinks about her parents' advice for relationships, and how their love just didn't feel right. Heartbreak is a heavy thing, and it can be difficult to process the ending of a relationship and accept that you need to move on. In this track, Bohman has the will to move on and knows that she is okay, despite the hurt she is facing now. If you're facing any of life's difficulties lately, this track is the perfect addition to add to your streaming library.

"I'm Okay" begins with an indie folk-inspired guitar introduction and first verse, as Bohman starts with the lines, "I still remember the way you would hold my hand / You held it so tight but then time tend to move so fast." The building transition from the verse to the chorus matches the change in her sentiment, as she sings about feeling okay and finding satisfaction in her heartbreak. For the bridge, the production is stripped back, as Bohman's impassioned vocals shine through. She lets out, "I let you control my heart, started to let down my guard / Now I'm all on my own / I'm losing my direction / And though it hurts me to the bone," before she jumps back into the chorus for the final time.

17-year-old Swedish singer-songwriter Mathilda Bohman is ready to make a splash in the music industry with her masterful storytelling and rich vocals. Her debut track "A Better Place" was released in 2021, and she has put out five more songs on streaming platforms since. Despite her young age and small discography, Bohman has already shown off the strengths in her songwriting capabilities. In "I'm Okay," each lyric is honest and feels like pages from her diary. If you are enjoy artists like Lizzy McAlpine and Gracie Abrams, it's time to put Mathilda Bohman on your radar.

Written By Sydney Gray



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