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  • Mia Mangione

Review: "I'm So Bored" - Tali Flynt

You ever just sit in the house, daydreaming about moving away and starting a new life? Traveling wherever your heart desires and experiencing it to the fullest? “I’m So Bored” by Tali Flynt takes us on a sonic journey, reminiscing on her indelible three-month trip to South America. The mellow to energetic transitions perfectly captures the ebb and flow of stepping out of your comfort zone and conquering new fears. This feel good song will surely inspire you to halt your everyday routine to plan a trip and take a leap of faith.

The everyday cycle of life can feel so mundane that in order to feel alive, you need to venture out of the ordinary. Even though there are a million things around, you still feel unfulfilled, “I feel it all, but I'm not satisfied”. Tali does a great job of getting personal with the lyrics and telling her story through a musical lens. The instrumental is led with a soft melody, followed by a powerful drum, a carefree chorus, and transcending harmonies. It's a perfect song to listen to in the car with the windows down. Tali imbues listeners with her lyrics through a sense of exploration to escape the trivial things in life that would otherwise be ignored when submerged in a different lifestyle. it's a humbling yet hopeful song that will surely enhance your mood.

Born in Israel, Tali Flynt is an alternative/indie artist that first started streaming her music in 2020 when she released her first EP, "All I Ever Did". She has released multiple singles and performed live on multiple occasions. Her songs can be heard on radio stations in Israel as well as several streaming platforms. Watch out for Tali Flynt; she is an incredible talent with new songs on the way!

Written By: Mia Mangione



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