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  • Megan Cao

Review: "I Remember" - Molly Baker

“I Remember” is a gut-wrenching ballad about relationships. Every relationship has its up and downs, and sometimes, when you’re reminiscing and missing them, the only thing you can do is think about the good times. But oftentimes, the hurt outweighs the hurt. Baker reminds those of us who are missing someone to take a more critical look, take off those rose-colored glasses.

Molly Baker’s smokey voice gradually works up until it explodes in the climax. Though the music remains hopeful, Baker’s mature and non-nonsense voice carries strength, even if there’s hurt inside there too. Though this song is melancholy, Baker’s bright and vibrant voice shines through especially well in the climax as she offers hope and strength to those who’re still struggling right now. Molly's strength heard in her voice reminds listeners to push forward and move on, remember the good, but also, remember the bad.

Molly Baker is an up-and-coming artist that made her beginnings on YouTube, recording music videos and lyric videos for her original songs. Realizing her passion for singing by participating in open mic nights and musicals, Molly has turned that passion into launching her career as a musician. Always smiling with one hand on the guitar, Molly’s infectious joy for music is something so pure that it can’t help but make you smile. As she gains more and more experience, Baker’s youthful nature and voice are sure to make an impact in the industry.

Written By Megan Cao



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