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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "I Think I'm Ready For Love" - Andrew Ash

Everyone on this planet knows the longing for complete passion from another individual. A deep desire to find the person who you feel completely infatuated with. Fortunately, pop artist Andrew Ash sympathizes with this feeling in his bright new track "I Think I'm Ready For Love." The track is the perfect example of telling this infatuation in the happiest of ways. The video below showcases Ash, and a friend in a heart costume doing choreography that matches the vibe of the track brilliantly.

The track features a bright and fun synth pop instrumental, with little sprinkles of instruments like trumpets and even a marimba. The production also features practical sounds, like the cashier sound that plays off a lyric halfway through the track. Ash's bright and fun vocal is right at the front of the track, with breathy harmonies underneath. The lyrics delve into the complete infatuation Ash has with the person the song is directed towards. Ash discusses the struggles of finding love in the modern world, "I don't want getting played, I'm done with being the player // Don't wanna lead you on, Don't wanna leave you later // You're not a one night stand, You're not a wicked lover // You're unlike all the others before." To describing what makes this person the best for them, "You got the heart and brains // You got the driving passion // Know when to pump them brakes // Know when it's time for action." To finally, Ash admits that he thinks this is finally the time for him, "I think I'm ready for love // I think I'm ready to open up // I think I'm ready to try // I think I'm ready for love // I'll do it right this time."

Andrew Ash is a pop artist based in Portland, Oregon. Ash's music is heavily inspired by 80s icons like Lionel Richie, and Phil Collins. "I Think I'm Ready For Love" is Ash's first single of 2022, and is the first taste of his upcoming EP entitled Pep Talk. The track recently also won 'Best Male Pop Song' from Philadelphia's Pop Smash Radio. Ash has also had his music in episodes of MTV's The Hills and The Jersey Shore. The next year is shaping up to be huge for Ash.

Written By Kyle Stiver



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