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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "I Wanna Go" - Abby London

I Wanna Go is an emotionally charged tribute to Abby London’s “cherished” late cousin Lindsey, who tragically passed away in February of 2019. The song is a touching dedication to her memory that is meant to capture the pain and loss experienced when Lindsey’s flame prematurely went out. Incorporated in the track’s lyrics is a poem written by Lindsey’s brother Scotty that shares the sentiments of their whole family and is an “homage to Lindsey’s life, struggles and the love shared within the family”. The title, I Wanna Go, was inspired by a childhood memory meant to encapsulate the exuberant spirit of a young Lindsey as she “wanted to be a part of every journey, no matter how mundane”. This song is meant to resonate “with those who have experienced the profound pain of losing a loved one” and can hopefully help listeners to find solace in its words and melody – conveyed by Abby’s ultimate message “Music can heal”.

From a technical standpoint, London delivers a clean a conservative level of production on I Wanna Go that effectively pairs a melodic backing piano with an impressive one vocal track. In fact, the most striking aspect of this song is the level of dynamism that accompanies the vocal delivery of its lyrics; a feat that is further highlighted by Abby’s ability to freely open up and draw her listeners closer to the heartfelt emotion she is expressing. There is an almost Disney-esque vibe to this track that features beautifully metaphoric songwriting and a dolorously catchy harmony, reminiscent of the plights faced during a protagonist’s journey to brighter days. The pleasant addition of reverb on London’s vocals remains constant throughout the entire tune and serves to underline the nice arrangement of each section. I Wanna Go closes out with an elegant piano chord that is only featured during the outro, effectively acting as the cherry-on-top of this deeply expressive single.

Headquartered in Seattle, but raised in Coer d’Alene, Idaho, Abby London is an ascending Alt-pop talent who has her sights set on taking the Pacific Northwest by storm with a powerful brand of music all her own. As a youngster, Abby displayed innate abilities to sing, play both the piano and guitar, and even write songs – going so far as to dabble with recording by using her little sister’s Playskool cassette (!!) recorder to effectively capture her earliest ditties. London is somewhat of an excursionist, having traversed the better part of North America during her youth, all the while collecting inspiration for her self-confidence-themed album Fill You Up. Eventually the lyrical luminary settled in Washington state and continued to progress as an artist, growing on both a professional and personal level – credit due in large part to her newfound sense of sobriety and positively altered outlook on life. Abby is renowned throughout Seattle for her performances at “freedom-friendly” events like political rallies and festivals, where she incorporates fun skits and videos to her songs in order to take the shows to a whole new level. Outside of music Abby lives a full life with her loving boyfriend and two cats, occasionally making time to work on home projects and travel the globe.

Written By Dan Caddigan


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