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  • Megan Cao

Review: "I Won't" - Etham

“I Won’t” is an emotional testament to the love, loyalty, and sacrifice that two partners put into a relationship. Etham writes about the core commitment that lovers make to each other through thick and thin. Etham’s matter-of-fact honesty paints a complete picture of a relationship that’s going through the motions, working through issues together, and feeling out whether or not their partner is a good fit. The delicate piano melody highlights the raw emotions that pour from Etham’s bold voice, trust and power behind it.

Etham’s honest narrative stands out among millions of others, showcasing the often harsh truth of what relationships come to. It tells the story of two partners that aren’t holding onto their bond simply because they’re afraid to let go, but actually have the trust and love to work out their issue together. Relationships aren’t always depicted with the communication or boundaries that real-life needs, so Etham’s stark retelling works to educate his audience on the language and practices they made need to maintain a serious relationship.

Etham is a singer-songwriter based in Reading. "I Won't" is only the beginning of his extensive release campaign. Within a couple of short years, Etham has dazzled his contemporaries with his consistently awesome performances alongside musical superstars like John Newman, JP Cooper, Tori Kelly, and Justin Bieber. Putting together a series of amazing shows, Etham is opening for Sabrina Claudio in May. He’s even slated to go international later this year, with shows from London to Korea. From posting covers on YouTube to performing on the big stage, Etham has risen far and only keeps on coming.

Written By Megan Cao


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