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  • George McSherry

Review: "I Worry Too Much" - Egotist

"I Worry Too Much" is a deeply intimate track in which Egotist's lead singer, Joe Prior, details the somber gratitude he owes to a true friend who faithfully stuck by his side through dramatic lows, even when given every reason to leave. The emotional fervor, palpable, streaks down the window of the cinematic soundscape that pulls imagery of ominous comfort beneath skies of heather grey that hold back not just the sunlight but also the rainfall.

Go on then, have a listen here!

Though rife with melancholy, the song hides its somber notes initially under the allure of bouncing piano, guitar, and percussion. The tone is set with the sanguine lyrics that start the vocal performance, featuring a refreshingly British delivery that, when paired with the alt-rock production, is pleasantly reminiscent of Bastille's works circa 2010. Instrumentals slow and fade while the kick-drum heart pounds on before a quick fade against the backdrop of reassuring words "you worry too much".

Manchester-based alt-pop band Egotist has continued to set the pace in their fledgling career, with this, the release of their third single, packed with emotion and finesse. The band consists of Joe Prior (vocals/guitar), Kirstie Rawlinson (keyboard/vocals), Alfie Prior (guitar), and Mark Pinion (drums). For more of the group's raw poetry set to melancholy, alt-pop/rock production, have a gander at some of the links below and see what Egotist get up to next!

Written By George McSherry



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