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  • Kevin Rodriguez

Review: "I Would Break up with Me If I Could" - Erica Manzoli

You know the quote about how we’re always our own worst critics? Yeah, Erica Manzoli’s song ‘I Would Break up with Me If I Could’ just made that even more heart-rending. Written post-breakup, Manzoli talks about the most toxic relationship she had...the one with herself. “Sometimes she was borderline abusive...pulling at my skin, holding me hostage.” Manzoli hits that feeling of hating yourself where it really stings. It broke my heart all over again being reminded of the times I used to hate myself. She’s so eloquent, yet specific in her experiences that I could relate to her like a million times over as I was listening. And that’s just talking about the message, so just imagine how much more incredible this song gets!

It’s evocative AF! This beautiful piano ballad accompanies Manzoli’s comforting vocals, as well as soft synths and strings. It feels natural, effortlessly engaging you with lyrics that’ll have you saying, “Wait, is this about me?” One of my favorite lines in the song is, “When we were young, treated me like a princess, dance round the room...we could care less, then we grew up and fell out of love.” Manzoli not only makes her mind a totally distinct person, but she also provides concrete imagery that refers to the vibrant imaginations we had growing up. She explains self-deprecation in this heartbreaking way that helps you remember who you’re talking to. It’s cathartic, and it inspires you to give yourself some love for what you’re going through!

When it comes to crafty, heart-on-the-sleeve lyricism, Erica Manzoli is brilliant at it! The 21-year-old London-based artist records music right from her bedroom. Focused primarily on mental health and self-reflection, she breathes so much liveliness and detail into her personal experiences. She made her debut earlier this year with her single ‘My Best Friend Is My Therapist’ in February. Since then, Manzoli has released her first EP I’m Okay, I Promise as a journal of ruminations about topics like societal pressure and the normalization of "masking your pain." I highly recommend checking it out!

Written By Kevin Rodriguez



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