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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "Identity Crisis" - Twam

Relationships should be a team effort. A 50/50, a mutual love, a joint respect and admiration, and the knowledge that you two are in this life together. However, sometimes this partnership does not last as long as expected or hoped. One party begins to fall out of love, and once the other notices, it sends them spiraling. This is exactly what Twam’s new release “Identity Crisis” depicts. The song is upbeat and full of fast paced rhythms, while also perfectly explaining Twam’s heart as it is actively breaking. One would think that, because of the material, the song would be depressing, but Twam’s upbeat style shines through, showing his snarky attitude and musical knowledge.

Despite how upbeat the song and soundscape is, the lyrics are heartbreaking once you listen intently. Twam wastes no time dancing around the subject, as the song opens with “I’ve been thinking lately you’ve been acting hella shady / And it seems you may be falling out of love”. His matter of factness is striking, and shows just how strongly he feels about it. The fact is obvious, why lie to yourself saying it's otherwise? The chorus hits listeners hard as he sings, “You’re turning me / Into something I never wanted to be / Oh, Identity crisis / All because of you”. He is so torn up over the end of his relationship that he is going against his own morals and disliking who he is becoming. This idea carries on when he says “I gave you all you wanted but you seem so disappointed / And now I don’t even know if I’m enough / So I’ve been drinking, smoking tryna cope with these emotions / Boy I think I probably need to sober up”. He is turning to substances to make himself feel better, and beginning to slip away from the mindset he should be in. The final heartbreak is when he sings, “You take and take so often / But I can’t escape the way I’m falling”. All he wants is for his love to be reciprocated and appreciated, and all he is rewarded with is his lonely fall down a dark path.

Twam is a 20 year old singer and drummer from Boston, MA. His real name is Stephen Sifflard, and he has over 300 monthly listeners on Spotify. His first release was a track titled “Outta Time”, released in early 2022. He has over 20,000 followers on TikTok, the platform that seems to have helped his following grow the most. His style is similar to that of Kid Cudi, Frank Ocean, and Tyler, the Creator, with honest lyrics and a fun background. Twam’s career has only just begun, so make sure you follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more of his music.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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