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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "If I Saw Your Ex" - Gigi Rich x HALLIE

Gigi Rich and HALLIE collaborated to create a high-energy track about all the things we wish we could do and say to our partner’s ex. It’s imminent that every failed relationship adds scars around our heart, so the person we are in a new relationship is not the person we were, and the person we fall in love with is not the same as they once were. When you love someone so deeply, imperfections and all, it’s almost impossible to imagine someone letting them go. We now have to climb over walls and hurdles due to the consequences of someone else’s actions, and we try to mend a heart we didn’t break. This can drive anyone a little mad, and sometimes when our head hits the pillow, we drift off into a world where we run into our person’s ex and tell them exactly what we’re thinking, and “If I Saw Your Ex” spells out exactly what we wish we could do. We look at our person and can’t fathom a world where someone doesn’t obsess over every inch of their soul, but everybody is somebody’s ex. We should just be glad they let them go, so we can have them and enjoy our life together to the fullest, but that’s much easier said than done. When you love someone, you want to protect them, and we protect by wronging the ones who wronged them in the first place.

“If I Saw Your Ex” is the quintessential hype song. It’s the song you will sing with your girls when you’re getting ready. It’s the song you’ll ask the Uber to play, and turn up to 10, as you leave for a night out on the town. “If I Saw Your Ex” is the perfect combination of cheeky and relatable. The upbeat pop music melds seamlessly with sultry voices and deep thoughts. The lyrics are the words we think in our head that we might not say out loud, but now we finally have the chance to scream our inner-thoughts at the top of our lungs. Gigi Rich and HALLIE are not afraid to speak their minds, and this catchy track is the medicine we need to deal with the exes.

Gigi Rich is a fiery pop artist making a name for herself in the industry. She is a singer/songwriter who really opens the audience into her real life. HALLIE is an infectious singer/songwriter and producer who is inspiring her generation. Their talents combined create a hit song that is sure to make a splash. These iconic women are in a league of their own. Gigi Rich and HALLIE continue to be inspired by other legendary artists who create their own lane, and it is only the beginning of their success together and apart. Check out their social medias below, and let them know what you would do if you saw your partner’s ex!

Written By Grace Chapman




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