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  • Jordan Elliott

Review: "ILYM" - Rob Eberle

ILYM is the latest single from indie pop singer-songwriter, Rob Eberle. The song takes the listeners on a journey through Eberle's mind and heart as he contemplates a former relationship. He battles with himself in the first verse while singing, "I'm torn on what to do, can't find a pathway home/Each time I spiral, I dig a deeper hole/In my grave, rolling in a relentless pain." The chorus sees Eberle trying to gravitate away from love, but he just can't help it. "For now, hope is my four-letter word/I can't say nothing but I love you more." Eberle starts to point out his lover's wrongdoings in the second verse and claims that they can't "feel [them]self without tripping on ecstasy." However, my favorite part had to be the powerful bridge when he asked the question, "You're supposed to be a leader/So why am I the f**king teacher?" Chills ran down my spine upon my first time hearing those words.

Eberle incorporates a downtempo pop style for this track that suits the lyricism very well. The track mainly uses a lower key piano, complimented with a light drum beat that escalates throughout the song. By the end of the track, the drums are much more apparent and reminded me of Kanye West's booming hit, Love Lockdown. Eberle's baritone voice is cool and flowy and comparable to some greats like Harry Styles or Lewis Capaldi. I especially liked the distorted vocals after the chorus which were reminiscent of Taylor Swift's eerie deep cut, Midnight Rain. (Huh, maybe this song will be the thing to bring together Swifties and Kanye stans.) The melody on the chorus felt like a more heart-wrenching version of Marshmello and the Jonas Brothers' Leave Before You Love Me and just like that song, I think it's a certified hit.

A quick glance at Rob Eberle's Instagram page and you will see... this guy lives the life. Eberle has spent the last few months living in Los Angeles and rocking out shows in iconic venues like the Coke Studio and the Hotel Cafe. Eberle has been releasing music since 2021 and has gotten over 40,000 Spotify streams on his breakout single, Half of You. Though originally an independent artist, he recently announced he will be dropping under the labels Earthprogram and Virgin Music, with ILYM being his first release with them. I have a strong feeling that this guy is going to be the next Bieber. If you're in the LA area, do yourself a favor and check out one of this guy's live shows and make sure to stream ILYM now.

Written by Jordan Elliott


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