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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "In My Head" - James Goodwin

Love is enamoring--the idea of the other person filling up your head and distracting you from everything you do. That infectious feeling of falling in love is what "In My Head" by James Goodwin is all about. The track is upbeat, paired with fun guitar and drums to give it a summery beach vibe. With the details of love within his lyrics, the idea of them taking over your every thought, and the beautiful melody that is both light and captivating--James Goodwin releases this track, "In My Head" with the intent to take over the listener's ears with this pop tune.

"In My Head" marks James Goodwin's third single. With hard-hitting drum grooves, funky guitars, and a catchy pop melody, it makes for a composition that will leave you humming. The song is Goodwin's way of combining the electronic and indie genres in the pop genre, leading to a unique track that is wonderfully complemented by his vocals. When we dive deeper into the song, looking at the lyrics, we can see Goodwin sing, "I think I found one in a million/I think I know why loving you is so different" and it's sentimental. The idea that someone has these thoughts regarding you is like the love in a movie. These and other lyrics in "In My Head" perfectly give the passion, and emotional feeling James Goodwin wanted to imbue throughout the song. The idea of finding someone to share the summer within the freeing spirit that the season gives is like no other, and Goodwin shows that well within this track.

James Goodwin is a singer/songwriter based in London. However, he hails from South Wales, where he started learning the guitar at age 8. At 13, he started writing and performing his own music in pubs, small venues, and festivals before deciding to make the big move and pursue music as a career. He focuses his sound on the catchy upbeat indie-pop genre, carving out his style with inspirations from people with similar vibes, such as Lewis Capaldi and George Ezra. Goodwin aspires to write and potentially release an EP in 2023, but until then, he continues to release singles that captivate fans' hearts.

Written by Jane Katryn



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