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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "In the Morning" -Jazelle

The moment this song begins, you’re transported to a kitchen with a big island. The morning light is peaking through the gloomy clouds; your partner has just made you a Nespresso as you mix the pancake batter. They kiss you and you can still taste last night’s whiskey. You’re both still a little drunk; everything is happy; everything feels safe. Sadly, you wake up from this fairytale and are back to reality. You wakeup on the wrong side of the bed, and can still smell them on your pillow, but you know they’re never coming back. The morning light is blinding and looks way harsher than you remember. Your favorite coffee machine is back at their place and all your left with is memories and some useless coffee pods. Although everything is different- the coffee is bitter, the pancakes are burnt, the bed seems way too big, the hangover has hit- everything is okay, and everything is still safe. Sometimes life has a funny way of working out. Two people can love each other beyond the depths of their souls and still not be right for each other. People break up; people move on, and we just hope they took a little piece of us with them and reminisce fondly while being treated better and treating their new person better with some tools they picked up along our journey.

“In the Morning” by Jazelle is the soundtrack of a lot of relationships. It depicts the crushing reality when everything is over, and you know you’re partly to blame. You want to apologize, but you know some things are better left unsaid, and some people, you included, are better left in the past. “You’re probably angry that I never gave you closure/ But I swear it was for both of us to get over.” This line is raw honesty that so many people can unfortunately relate to. We want to wrap up the past with a little bow thinking it will erase the turmoil on both sides, but closure conversations could never be long enough to do so. People really don’t want closure; they want a rendezvous, or answers to try and comprehend why this happened, but those answers never seem to quench our wandering minds. The best closure is watching them move on, and one day you stop being sad. You stop crying in the shower; you stop thinking of them when you hear a sad song, and you know it’s really over when you see them with somebody else, and you smile and wish them the best, and you hope they’re happy enough to wish you the same. Life will never stop throwing curveballs, but it’s how we learn, grow, and swerve them that ultimately leads us to the person we’ve always wanted to become.

Jazelle is a Filipino-American singer/songwriter. She is an up and coming artist from the Bay Area. Her music is art that mirrors her real life and her faith. She has an acoustic atmosphere sound that perfectly melds with her melodic pop production. She credits her instant affection for music to her parents who have surrounded her life with it even when she was in the womb. Aside from her ethereal voice and passion for songwriting, Jazelle plays a plethora of instruments. One day, she found herself in a church where she felt like God was pulling at her for a greater good, and she began leading the worship of her local church. Her mission is to create worshipful art that reflects her life experience and spiritual walk with God. Jazelle writes and produces her own music, and she hopes her songs will deeply connect with her listeners and leave them knowing they are loved.

Written By Grace Chapman



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