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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Infatuation" - Almost Orange

Infatuation can almost be an addictive feeling that we want to hold on to for as long as possible. Being absolutely drawn to another person and even going to the extent of having your thoughts revolve solely around them can be an exhilarating feeling. It almost feels like you’re high just off the thought of them. Almost Orange takes lyrics describing this exact feeling and pairs it with a techno beat to create their new piece “Infatuation.” This song sounds like what it is to be infatuated with another person. The intense beat, the lighter vocals, and the dance-techno melody translate the feeling of infatuation into sound. Almost Orange created a perfect “summer feel” song with this latest work and is the perfect dance-techno song.

“Infatuation” is as exhilarating to listen to as the feeling of infatuation itself. This song is deep in the sense that there are a lot of different sounds and haptics that make up the piece itself. They use backup vocals, a very prominent beat, and different noises to create depth for this piece. Keeping the melody this diverse is what captures listeners’ attention and makes the piece very interesting to listen to. As for the lyrics themselves, this piece involves a very light-hearted and exciting topic. Any song involving good emotions and anything involving the happy side of love immediately makes it a happy tune. The vocals include those of Sanna Martinez, and her voice adds to the light-hearted theme of this entire piece. Her voice is very happy and light and stays prominent throughout the piece. Between the depth of the melody and beat with the overall vibe of the vocals and lyrics, this techno piece is very uplifting.

Almost Orange is a duo comprised of the very talented Sanna Martinez and Maximilian. This group is very new to the music industry releasing their debut single “Waggle Dance“ within the past year. Just like “Infatuation,” their other two singles that they have released have the same upbeat techno vibe. Sanna and Maximilian do an amazing job at writing and producing intricate beats and melodies. All three of their songs are in the same genre and give the same vibe, but they are all very distinct from one another. This duo creates very different beats and melodies for each of their songs making each one very personable sounding. For just starting out, they are already releasing amazing beats and a reasonable rate making their path to fame starts off on a good note.

Written By Melina Darlas



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