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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Infatuation" - Joku

Joku has a way with words. Releasing this cozy yet heartbreaking ballad about lost love we get an intimate look at who he is as an artist. Raw and vulnerable; he pushes forth something so emotional yet so homey. His new track, Infatuation, has Joku asking himself some deep questions. Was the love he felt for this person ever really there? The feeling of wanting someone so intensely just to realize maybe there wasn't much love, to begin with. That is the sentiment Infatuation carries. Joku wrote this intimate song with talented people whose creativity should not go unnoticed. Robbie Ricucci and Sarah Manning gave a chunk of their talent to create this indie-pop track. Their work together truly paid off, infatuation is a song you’d want to keep on repeat.

This emotional bedroom pop record mixes so little and does it beautifully. Heavy echoes of piano chords are expertly placed along the entire instrumental. These chords are the heart of the instrumental itself. Some guitar comes in here and there but the instrumental does its absolute best to leave room for Joku’s captivating vocals. The main event of this track. Infatuation is a solemn love story. Two people fall in and out of what they describe as love. It describes the rise and fall of their relationship in a way that feels like Joku is reminiscing. Thought about how good the relationship was and even asked himself questions about the way things could have gone. The echoing of the line “ it was never forever” closing out the song signals acceptance for the ending of this relationship. This line coupled with the increased volume and drama of the instrumental pushes this narrative further. Joku realizes the feelings they both had for each other weren’t everlasting and he is coming to terms with that tragic truth.

Joku is a Nashville-based artist who has it all. As a multi-instrumentalist, including his amazing voice, he is a multi-threat. His greatest influences for his work are Charlie Puth, the 1975, and John Mayer. You can hear these influences clearly in his work. The soft but lustful tones of Infatuation is a perfect example of this. The John Mayer influences pop out with the instrumental being so simple it gives the vocals a place to shine. Joku is an up-and-coming gem in the music industry and is certainly a musician to watch out for.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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