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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "INM" - KLEO

In this advanced technological age, social media and mass consumerism often keep us from finding and expressing our authentic selves. KLEO’s new single, “INM” is an enticing and electrifying piece that highlights the tendency we have as humans to feel as though we’re floating through life, going through the motions, almost living in an endless loop of time. In this simulation-like environment that society has constructed, it’s easy for one’s dreams, desires and passions, the elements that comprise the human soul, to become lost and unattended to. KLEO’s meaningful lyricism brilliantly speaks to our technologically driven era, with lines such as, “mediated on a screen, pressing ctrl + alt+ delete,”. The single’s electric instrumentation and ethereal vocals establish it as a unique and melodic piece of art.

“I had this longing to explore this feeling or idea of not knowing who you are in the context of society; and not sure if you're being yourself or just trying to fit in,” KLEO revealed when speaking about the single.

“IMN” is introduced with booming percussion and distorted synths. KLEO’s high-pitched and crisp vocals give the song an angelic and almost otherworldly quality. The song’s heart-pounding melody presents listeners with a rave-like listening experience. Her utilization of precise sound distortion and vocal layering help add to the song’s cyber-pop vibe. The mixture of KLEO’s hypnotic notes and the tracks electrifying synth noise, blend to communicate a powerful and head-banging tune to audiences.

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, KLEO draws inspiration from hyper pop, dark pop, K-pop, house and trap. She classifies her sound as post-internet pop and refers to herself as “half-human, half-android". KLEO’s work acts as a social commentary for our digital age, consumerism, capitalism and the commodification of human life. Her hit single, “Ukiyo” reached over 15.8k streams on Spotify alone. Likewise, her debut EP, “Machina” was released in 2020 and has had three of its songs earn the BBC Introducing Track of the week since their release. In 2022 KLEO started her Cyber Punk Club event, a VR/AR live experience for alternative electronic music from all over the world. She was nominated for The Sound of Young Scotland award in 2022 due to her unique sound and innovative approach to her art. KLEO is a rising star, whose music features deep meaning, beautiful sound and angelic vocals.

Written By Julia Hooper



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