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  • Cate Schnoebelen

Review "Inside Joke" - The Kantors

The Kantors have released their second enchanting single, Inside Joke. Kristin and Dan Kantor make up the indie duo, alongside other friends. The song Inside Joke takes you on a journey and allows you to sit and think for a moment. It lulls you in and cuts deep when you realize what the lyrics and warning you with. This song is written from a personal experience and allows you to reflect on experiences you have had in your own life. As you listen you feel the sense of confusion switch to anger, realizing you are in a bad situation and that the joke is not funny anymore. This can be interpreted as the words of a survivor who is strong. This indie rock song prepares you to fight the common injustices that plague the world today.

Inside Joke has a euphoric melody that strums softly and lures you in. Immersing you into the song like you are watching a key scene in a dramatic movie. The way that the sound moves is fluid and allows you to begin to float, until you are struck with the deep lyrics. Inside Joke makes you feel frustration, arming you and taking you though battle. There is a quick transition from a solo to more of an angry echoed voice. This song picks at the chorus, adding several other instruments then fades back to a mellow tune. The contrast between the anger with more rock undertones against the violin and the soft melodic intro creates for a great listen and immersive experience overall.

The Kantors are a family band, composed of Kristin and Dan Kantor and their closests friends; Nate Sun, Jamie Redwood, Sam Adams and Rachel Clark. The talented crew is based in Chicago, and have a strong focus on being close knit. The indie folk-rock group now has two songs streaming everywhere; Linda and Inside Joke. With these powerful songs, the group already has a few shows this year on the forecast, and hopefully more soon. In the end The Kantors create meaningful music about deeply personal messages and I cannot wait to hear more of them.

Written By Cate Schnoebelen



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