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  • Victoria James

Review: "Islands" - Blonds

Blonds has released his cover of “Islands” by Young the Giant. He has a knack for elevating an already magnificent song to the next level, and it deserves to be enjoyed by many. If you’re a fan of Young the Giant, you’ll be impressed with Blonde’s rendition of the song and hopefully think he did the song justice. The cover is a moving piece of art, sure to make you feel so many emotions at once. If you’re unfamiliar with the original, the cover is a great way to become acquainted. Although “Islands” was not originally made by Blonds, it does give an idea of his vibe and what his original music sounds like. If you're in the mood for a song to sweep you off the shore, "Islands" is perfect for you.

Blonds’ cover of “Islands” transports listeners to a new and comforting place. The track opens with the sound of water crashing calmly on the shore, painting a vision in our minds of where the song audibly takes us. He plays the guitar at a steady beat, the pattern of the strums etched in our minds. Blonds can do so much with his vocals. He has a compelling rasp that scratches an itch in your brain just right, but he also impressively hits notes that make you levitate as you listen. The song's texture resembles an island: his rasp is gritty like sand, but his harmonies flow like the ocean. The guitar picks up at the chorus, giving the song a more lively approach. The song keeps your attention from start to finish. It's like a painting, the way you find new details that make you appreciate the art even more.

Luciano Thomas, better known as Blonds, is an up-and-coming musician currently living in Los Angeles, California. His music is folk/acoustic, pop, and rock/punk. He does it all: writes, plays the instruments, mixes, and masters the songs, and even hand-paints the artwork. Not only is Blonds a musician, but he is an oil painter. He displays his beautiful artwork on Instagram and TikTok. His music and art are both necessary parts of his vision. His new EP, “If It’s Not Broken,” was released on December 15, 2023. It includes one original song and three covers. The covers have been uniquely reimagined and presented in a new light.

Written By Victoria James



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