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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "It Is What It Is" - Joost Laméris

Sometimes the best way to deal with difficult situations is to acknowledge them and move on, rather than dwelling on them or letting them define us. Joost Laméris's new single, “It Is What It Is” perfectly captures this common challenge of overcoming negativity and rejection. The electropop track contains upbeat instrumentation, powerful vocals and compelling lyricism. For instance, the line, “Overthrown, you keep hitting, I refuse to fight. Empty oaths, I can’t remember what I’ve lost and what I need to find” communicate how continual pessimism and hatred from others only detracts from your life and how that behavior is not worth your time or effort. The track highlights the importance of self-respect and knowing when to ignore hurtful comments or accept inevitable hardships. “It Is What It Is” contains themes of isolation, conflict, betrayal, insecurity, acceptance and growth. Joost Lameris combines spectacular instrumentation, expressive vocals and honest lyrics to create an electropop anthem that reminds audiences to maintain confidence in the face of negativity, uncertainty and self-doubt.

“It Is What It Is” is an electropop track composed of synthesizers, drums, bass and guitar. The single has upbeat attributes and a fast-pace and rhythm despite its deep and meaningful lyrics. Repeated synth riffs create the single’s catchy hook. The powerful and steady drumming drives the song forward and really adds to the track's memorability. In terms of percussion, the single contains beats such as snare rolls and claps to make a more energetic groove. The song uses other sound effects, such as vocal samples, synth pads, and noise sweeps, to create some ambience and transitions between different sections of the song. Joost’s voice has a wide vocal range, hitting high-pitched notes and vocal runs and deep harmonies. His voice is distorted at times to create a unique and complex sound. Likewise, the frequent vocal layering allows for many vocalizations that showcase his talented singing abilities. The instrumentation and vocals present in “It Is What It Is” are a well-crafted and well-produced combination of different sounds and styles that complement the singer’s storytelling abilities.

Dutch singer-songwriter and instrumentalist, Joost Laméris is a rising artist with great potential in the music industry. His discography offers tastes from the indie, pop and electronica genres. Joost's musical storytelling touches on topics such as love, mental health and self-discovery as a queer man. He cultivated his love for music at a young age, as he grew up playing the violin, piano and guitar. In 2021 Joost released his debut single, “Dream Away” which reached over 4k streams on Spotify. His second single, “One More Time” proved to be highly successful, hitting 18.8k streams on Spotify which allowed for the release of an acoustic rendition which preformed even better, accumulating over 28.8k streams on Spotify. Since then, Joost has released various singles such as, “Unframed”, “Never Feels Real” and “Falling Apart” which alone amassed over 26.4k streams. In February 2023, Joost released his single, “Remember” and its accompanying music video which contained excellent video production, artistic direction, interesting scenes, creative camera movement and use of color as a storytelling tool. In addition to “Remember”, “It Is What It Is” is the second single from Joost Laméris's upcoming debut EP. The EP will feature various songs ranging from emotional ballads to feel-good, atmospheric, indie songs.

Written By Julia Hooper



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