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  • Abigail Mornhinweg

Review: "It's Better" - Indy June

Indy June is back with her new single, “It’s Better.” In a guitar-lead song, Indy goes into a childhood story, reminiscent of memories of parents fighting, saying, “‘cause you do it one too many times / it’s better and [she’s] fine.’ Singing about a childhood perspective on parents falling out of love, Indy shares a deep cut of emotions that affect the child of a couple on the verge of divorce. Threats become hollow, and the child believing things would be better i the parents did part ways. A deep, personal, and ultimately raw feeling; Indy showcases this with low-key production to have the lyrics stand out and emphasize what really matters: how Indy feels and how this has affected her. 

This song stands out to me due to how raw it is. I know I say this in my reviews a lot, but talking about childhood experiences and how it affects the child in this situation absolutely made me emotional and got me in my feelings. Some so many people do get this feeling, and to have someone who was not in that situation have this song affect them so much speaks so much to me. That’s just a testament to the lyrics, though. I think, in general, Indy’s production also really highlights what the focus of the song should be: the lyrics. I do, however, really like the layering of her voice and how cut back and simple the guitar is. I really enjoyed this one, if you can’t tell. 

Indy June is a self-dubbed singer “who makes music for cat moms.” Located in Los Angeles but originally from Missouri, Indy’s voice is a highlight for her fans. Having over 30,000 listeners on Spotify, she is making a name for herself throughout the music industry. Having released “It’s Better” along with other singles “Flea” and “Medicine,” fans can expect Indy to release even more music. While listening to “It’s Better,” you can also catch Indy on Tiktok and Instagram, where she keeps fans updated on new releases and even lets her personality shine through, connecting with fans and building a relationship with them. You can follow Indy June below and keep updated on when she releases new music. 

Written By Abby Mornhinweg



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