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  • Megan Cao

Review: "It's Starting To Rain" - Joya

Photo Credits: Nigel Ong

“It’s Starting To Rain” is a melancholic ballad about the thin line between toxic and healthy love. Too much of a good thing can be bad, and Joya’s beautifully delicate vocals muse on the aching and universal experience of learning to let someone go. Joya compares the moment of realizing when it’s time to let go with the first shy drops of rain, gathering in confidence and assurance as time goes on. The beginning of rain is a bittersweet feeling, knowing that the sun is washed out, but there’s a sense of relief at the water washing away your emotions, resetting and making way for new growth.

Joya’s poignant narrative-building paints a heart-break-inducing picture of fragility, knowing that you’re in love but perhaps not for a good reason. Her layered vocals and dreamy guitar are only bolstered by the emotion that pours through her lyrics. Joya has a sort of quiet but confident assurance that tears down the walls that hide the contemplative moods and moments that are universal among us. Her imagery beautifully transposes the complicated feelings that confound us into song, releasing a sense of catharsis and knowledge of having the language to properly describe what we feel.

Joya is a Hong-Kong based artist who has been making waves in the indie-pop scene with emotionally-charged songs. Joya has been actively building towards releasing her EP in August, with “It’s Starting To Rain” being her second single in 2023. With her powerful and raw voice, Joya resonates with listeners of all ages by speaking from her heart to the soul. Featured as an upcoming artist by MTV Asia and RTHK, Joya’s recent projects include writing and performing her original “I Have Seen the Future” for the National Geographic Oceans Tomorrow project with Hong Kong music vegetarians Phat Chan and music producer Eddie Chung, being featured in Aesop’s Queer Library Campaign, and performing with the Orchestra Academy of Hong Kong at Freespace West Kowloon. Joya is in for a bright future, and we’re counting down the days until August!

Written By Megan Cao


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